Vanguard CF card case (1 of 4)

I liked the SD card case so much I decided to hunt down something for my CF cards. The Vanguard CF card case is only $11 and holds up to 6 CF cards in a form factor very similar to the SD card case I posted a few days ago. If you are wondering how this holds 6 cards, it’s important to note that the cards on the left are in the center tab which flips over to reveal two more cards slots.

Vanguard CF card case (3 of 4)

The Vanguard CF card case is made out of plastic instead of aluminum but it still feels very sold in my hand. The case snaps together very firmly and feels reasonably durable. If you are looking for a water proof case you might want to look else were. There isn’t any rubber gasket lining or anything else that would keep water out. It’s just a solid plastic case to protect against impact and abuse.

Vanguard CF card case (4 of 4)

The Vanguard CF card case is almost identical in size to the SD card case I posted a few days ago. It easily fits into an outside pocket of your camera bag. As with the SD card case you can position the CF cards face up or face down giving you an easy way to indicate which cards have been used and which cards are still empty.

I think from here on out i’ll be using card cases for all of my memory cards. The Vanguard CF card case is a very solid and low price option for CF cards, well worth looking into if you’re in the market.