Que audio sniper 3

It seems like the design trend is to make things smaller and the Que Audio Sniper is no exception. This tiny little kit includes a boom mic with camera mountable shock mount, boom pole, wind screen, and mic stand for $499. The microphone uses two little button batteries (watch batteries) to provide up to 20db of gain to a 3.5mm or XLR input.

The Que Audio Sniper is about as small as it comes in the boom mic market. I ran a few tests at the booth, even in the noisy crowd at NAB I was able to pick out individual conversations at a distance of about 4 feet. It’s hard to get a feel for the audio quality as I was using the headphones provided for testing at the booth, but from my short tests it sounded better than I was expecting.

Que audio sniper 1

All the parts included with the Que Audio Sniper are small which means the boom pole only extends to about 5 feet. The small size also means that the included shock mount doesn’t have much bouncing room. It seemed to reduce handling noise but not eliminate it in my unscientific testing. I’m interested to test this unit against a few higher end models to see how it fares. Hopefully i’ll be able to get my hands on a model for review over the next few months.

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