Redrock Micro Hero 3 cage 1

I’ve already signed up for the Kickstarter Gopro Hero 3 cage, but Redrock Micro’s offering does look pretty nice. They are calling this the “Cobalt Cage” and I had a chance to play around with it for a bit at NAB. The fit and finish looks great and the price isn’t too bad at $99.

Redrock Micro Hero 3 cage 3

Attaching the Gopro Hero 3 to the Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage is a little more complex than the combat cage I ordered, but I think that once you’ve installed it you’ll probably just keep it permanently mounted. Not sure yet how this type of cage will affect the wifi signal as it’s kind of hard to tell where the wifi antenna is located Hero 3.

Redrock Micro Hero 3 cage 2

There are plenty of mounting locations across the top and sides of the Cobalt Cage and the cutouts on the sides should make things easy when you need to get at the memory card or usb port. Fit and finish is nice and if I’d have seen this first I’d probably have ordered it instead. Hopefully the Kickstarter Gopro Hero 3 cage ends up being the same quality and finish. I’ll let you know once it shows up.

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