Paralinx arrow

Last year I put up a post about the Paralinx Arrow hdmi wireless transmitter. While it’s dropped in price to $895, it’s still a very costly purchase for low budget applications. The creator of the Paralinx Arrow used to work for one of the companies that created some of the lower priced HDMI wireless transmitters and I think they’ve finally copied his design with the release of the Nyrius ARIES Prime. This unit can be powered by a simple usb battery power supply on both the transmitter and receiver side.

Nyrius Aries prime

It also claims an uncompressed HDMI transmission range of 30 feet with zero latency and a max transmission range of 160 feet line of site. The transmitter unit on the Nyrius ARIES Prime looks almost identical to the Paralinx Arrow and the receiver is only slightly more square than rectangular.

Nyrius Aries prime reciever

I don’t know if Nyrius had the camera market in mind when they created this $199 unit, but the receiver has a 1/4 20 mount on the bottom of the receiver as an attachment point. Velcro a usb battery power supply to the bottom of this, attach it to a Ninja 2, and you have a nice compact wireless HDMI Prores capture device.

The Nyrius ARIES Prime should arrive about the same time as the Ninja 2, this should coraspond with the Canon 5d mark III’s firmware upgrade. If all goes well I’ll be testing all of these devices out at the same time. It should give me a chance to compare footage from the Nyrius ARIES Prime feed to the Ninja 2 as well as video recorded directly from the 5d mark III’s HDMI port. I’ll post some more as soon as I get a chance to play with it.

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