Gopro steady cam rig (1 of 2)

More and more companies are entering the action cam market and a lot of them like Garmin’s Virb Elite, are offering more features at a lower price. It looks like Gopro is responding to the competition with a price drop on the Hero 3 Black edition. Last week the price on Amazon quietly dropped from $399 to $329.

My experience with the Hero 3 has been mostly positive and the updated android and IOS software has made the wifi features much more usable. There are still some occasional bugs like batteries dying after being left in the camera overnight and a few random restarts, but it still packs a pretty big punch for $329. You can check out the full review here.

I’m not sure if this is a permanent price drop or just temporary, but as of this post you can find it on Amazon for just $329 with free shipping. That’s $70 less than I paid for it at the beginning of the year and that includes some much needed firmware fixes that were missing when I first picked it up.

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