Hero 3 black edition (2 of 2)

It was around this time last year that I picked up a Gopro hero 3 black edition. I don’t do any extreme sports and I don’t often jump out of plains so I wasn’t sure how much I would really use this little guy. Surprisingly it’s been a major benefit as a POV cam during fight scenes. I’ve also dumped gallons of fake blood on it, as well as using it for security camera style shots, opening trunks, digging in refrigerators, burial in dirt, and anything else that a small remote camera can handle. It’s size and video quality makes it perfect for all kinds of random stuff.

Hero 3 black edition (1 of 2)

The new HERO 3+ black edition doesn’t offer up much more in the way of features when compared to the hero 3 black edition and the clearance price is still $329. That $70 in savings that could be used on some good Wasabi Batteries and a 64GB microSDXC card. A few sites like B&H have already started to list the hero 3 black edition as “discontinued” and “out of stock”, but Amazon still has a few left for sale at $329.

I’m guessing once the stock of original hero 3’s are gone, Gopro won’t be releasing any more. If you don’t mind using last years model, $329 for the Hero 3 black edition is a pretty good value so get them while they last. I’ve had pretty good luck with my Hero 3 Black edition and won’t be upgrading until the Hero 4 is released, 3+ has a few minor upgrades, but a smaller size and “improved sharpness” aren’t enough to warrant an upgrade for me.

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