Lightroom training

I made the transition from Canon’s photo editing software to Adobe’s Lightroom a few years ago. Once you get used to it, you’ll find it much easier to use for both editing and organizing your photos. Lightroom room also provides automatic lens correction information for more than just Canon lenses and offers up a lot more editing options than Canon’s DPP program.

Now that Canon has started to include Lightroom 5 with purchases of both the 5d mark III and Canon 6d bodies, they’ve put together some free lightroom 5 training. The free 5 part training program doesn’t cover everything, but it goes over more than enough to get you familiar with everything lightroom has to offer. After that it’s just a matter of messing around with some of the photo editing features and memorizing the quick commands.

You can find the free lightroom training here. It’s well worth checking out even as a refresher for those who already use lightroom on a daily basis.