Sony 32GB 94MBs

Amazon Black Friday deals continue to cycle through. Today they are offering up Sony 32GB SDHC 94MB/s cards for $29.99 with free shipping. That’s about $16 cheaper than Sandisks 32GB 80MB/s cards. I’ve never actually tried any of these high speed Sony 32GB SDHC cards, but at that price I went ahead and ordered two for testing. Sandisk 30MB/s cards work for video in all of my cameras, so even if the 94MB/s cards are slower then advertised they should have more then enough headroom. Speaking of which, the older Sandisk 64GB 30MB/s cards are currently on sale for $48.50 a peace as part of the same black Friday sale. I’ll keep an eye out for other end of November deals, if I see anything else good I’ll let you know.

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