Senal SMH-1000 headphones (1 of 11)

So far, I’ve really been enjoying those SMH-1000 headphones I wrote about last week (check that out here). They comfortably got me through 4 hours of mixing over the weekend and I’ve really enjoyed the sound quality. They aren’t quite as flat of a response on the low end as my AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones, but i’ve actually grown to like the slight lift in frequencies below 100hz.

At the time I picked them up, they were around $89 a peace, which put them in the same price range as the very similar Sony MDR-7506 Headphone, but right now B&H has them on sale for $69 with free shipping. With the detachable headphone cable and great audio quality the discounted price makes them a very reasonable choice for a very good set of mid range headphones. So far, the SMH-1000 headphones have impressed me.