Tascam DR-60D Hands on (10 of 10)

Looks like Both B&H and Amazon are running a sale on the Tascam DR-60d. It’s normally priced at $349, however right now until December 9th you can pick it up on Amazon or on B&H for just $249. I’ve been using the Tascam DR-60d for almost a year now. As the owner of both a DR-60d and a Juicedlink riggy I can safely say that at $249 the DR-60d is a far better value. Multiple inputs, multiple outputs, and an all around good field recorder, make it a great all in one device to have.  In general the Tascam DR-60d is also much more user friendly than the riggy’s tiny little dip switches. If I only had room to pack one, it wouldn’t be the riggy.

Check out my full review of the DR-60d here, as well as my thoughts on the Juicedlink riggy here. If you need an XLR interface for you DSLR the DR-60d is a great choice.

UPDATE: Order from B&H for just $249 and they’ll include a free copy of pluraleyes 3 which is currently the best audio syncing software on the market.