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I grabbed a few Sandisk Extreme 32GB cards when they went on sale over black Friday. On the right we have a standard Sandisk Extreme card from my collection, on the left we have the card ordered over black Friday. This is the first time I’ve seen a gold colored Sandisk card and it got me thinking, is this a fake?

fake sandisk card1 (2 of 2)

In the past you could tell a fake card by examining the back. The top part of the card near the electrical contracts is usually slightly transparent, the letter D in Sandisk should be missing the horizontal line and the “Made in China” logo should be stamped at the bottom of the cards. Two out of the three indicators are missing from the card on the left. Instead the Sandisk Extreme 32GB card has stenciled in a small group of numbers and letters (BM1329150121G). This number letter combo is the same on all 4 of the cards I ordered.

Visiting Sandisk’s card registration page I was able to register all 4 cards without an issue. I ran a few quick tests and the cards appear to be as fast as my old Sandisk cards. If they’re fake, they’ve done a pretty good job. I haven’t been able to find anything from Sandisk about the new gold logo.

Everything tests out fine on these new Sandisk Extreme 32GB cards, so I wont be returning them and $23 a card was a pretty decent price. It’s just odd to me that they would abandon the old security measures and release a newly designed logo without changing the name to something like “Extreme ultra MAX” or “Awesome Tastic Extreme”. Anyone else end up with gold Sandisk memory cards?