redrock micro hero 3 cage

Just received the Redrock Micro Cobalt cage and it’s turning out to be one of the best Hero 3 camera cages on the market. Even without the battery power option it puts the Tehkron Gopro Hero 3 cage to shame.

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Putting it side by side with its closest competitor the Combat cage, you can see that the form factor is pretty much the same. The Combat cage is slightly wider while the Cobalt cage is a little bit taller.

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When comparing the two from the top down, you can see that the Cobalt cage (right) is slightly thicker than the Combat cage (left). The thickness actually allows the cage to protect the entire camera in metal, while the Combat cage only protects the sides.

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It’s also easy to see that the Cobalt cage (right) has a lot more mounting points than the Combat cage (left). The access port for HDMI and USB is also quit a bit wider, making it easier to access.

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Adding and removing the hero 3 from the Cobalt cage only requires a single thumb screw. No tools are needed. Sliding the Hero 3 in and out of the cage is pretty painless.

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The Cobalt cage also includes a front cover plate. This allows you to protect the camera’s lens when not in use. You don’t have to worry about scratching the lens or causing any damage when tossing the Hero 3 into your camera bag.

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The other nice feature is that the Redrock Micro Cobalt cage also includes a Hero 3 style mounting option. If you’ve already invested in a lot of devices that use this type of mount, simply unscrew the flat plate and attach the Hero 3 style attachment plate. With that installed you can use this on any device or mounting plate that would except the Hero 3 housing. I’ll post some more once I’ve had a chance to play around with it. So far i’m pretty impressed for the price.

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