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I’ve been wanting to get a Sony RX10 in for review for awhile now. With a focal range of 24-200mm (35mm equivalent) and a constant f2.8 across the entire range, the Sony RX10 looks like a pretty decent camera on paper. On top of that it’s supposed to be compatible with the Sony XLR-K1M adapter (on the right) which gives it a full range of audio input functionality. Could this be a very nice little hybrid video camera?

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Up close the Sony RX10 is a nice looking camera. The grip and design of the body in general makes it feel like a very skinny DSLR. Aperture and zoom ring operate nicely on the lens and all of the settings can be controlled with buttons. $1200 is a bit much for what I would normally call a point and shoot camera, but the Sony RX10 gives you the feel of a real DSLR and the 24-200mm f2.8 lens seems pretty nice.

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If all goes well I’ll have a chance to pair up the Sony XLR-K1M adapter with the Sony RX10 this weekend. I’ll post some more info once i’ve had a chance to get a feel for it. I also plan to test out the clean HDMI out with Atomos Ninja to see how much improvement that provides. I’ll keep you posted.

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