After a few months of tinkering here is the final result. A new (hopefully weekly) show format that covers one tip a week. I’ll still be posting full length reviews at random intervals, but i’d like to make sure there’s a steady stream of video content to go along with everything else I post.

Generic IR remote

You can find out more about using an IR remote for quick focus here. The Canon RC-1 remotes I use has been discontinued and many for sale online have doubled in price, for around $3 to $6 you can pick up a generic IR remote that’ll do pretty much the same thing. Just keep in mind the generic IR remotes aren’t as durable and don’t send the IR beam as far. I can generally count on the Canon RC-1 to start and stop recording at 50 feet, the generic IR remotes are good to about 20 feet on the high side.

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