Thumb screw quarter 20 adapter 2

Alright, this slightly over prices little guy looks pretty handy. It’s a 1/4 20 threaded stud with a thumb screw and rubberized grip on the bottom and a cold shoe adapter on the top. In the past i’ve used 1/4 20 all thread studs to attach cold shoes to a rig. At $9 this is a bit more expensive than that option, but it’s certainly easier to attach and use.

Thumb screw quarter 20 adapter

While $9 is a little over priced for this adapter, i’ve seen similar items labeled “Hot Shoe Relocator” for sale for $30 + shipping. I went ahead and ordered a couple for testing and I’ll report back on the quality once they show up. These would be great for Blackmagic pocket camera owners who need to mount a simple microphone or light to the top of their camera and it would be pretty useful for just about any camera cage.

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