That little $9 adapter I posted last week, showed up and although the label on Amazon is a little strange

Cold Shoe Mount Male ΒΌ to 20 Female Threaded Adapter

the adapter itself is as pictured.

Thumb screw quarter 20 adapter

The cold shoe and thumbscrew are both metal and the case itself is a molded piece of plastic. Feels reasonably solid in the hand. I wouldn’t put a 4 or 5 pound weight on this thing, but it’s more than strong enough to hold a microphone or field monitor in place. If you are a BMPCC owner or you have a rig with lots of 1/4 20 threads this cold shoe to thumb screw adapter is a pretty handy item to have.

I actually ended up mounting one of these permanently on the back of the Canon c100. That option gives me two places to mount wireless mics next to the cameras audio inputs. Although the c100 hasn’t impressed me visually the audio quality and interface is top notch. Any way if you’re interested in one of these adapters you can find them here. They seem to keep drifting in and out of stock on Amazon, i’m guessing the seller is ordering in bulk from somewhere else. Maybe I can hunt down the source and get them for a little cheaper.

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