Getting ready to put in that Samsung 840 EVO SSD into my Asus Zenbook. I’ve been waiting for this 32 piece screwdriver set with torx bits to show up since last week, apparently prime shipping isn’t always 2 days. Not exactly the most exciting purchase, but for $8 you get a pretty decent selection of precision bits including some of the less common types needed to disassemble laptops and other random gear.

32 peace screw set (1 of 1)

The bits in this 32 piece screwdriver set are pretty decent, but the screwdriver handle is just cheap plastic with a metal insert to hold the bits in place. Still for $8, i’d say it would be just fine for occasional use. I have a few other small projects I need to take care of and this set should do the trick.

I should have the installation video as well as some speed tests up for the Samsung 840 EVO next week. I’m pretty interested in testing out Samsung’s new RAPID mode. The benchmarks I’ve seen so far have the drive hitting above SATA 6 speeds when using this software patch. RAM buffering an already speedy SSD seems like a very unique approach to the current SATA limits. I’ll keep you posted.

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