As I continue to uses the Canon c100 (which still has yet to impress me), I wanted to get a few more batteries for longer shoots. The Canon BP-955 batteries that come with the camera aren’t bad, providing about 3 hours of shooting time, but they will set you back around $150 a peace. After doing a little bit of searching I found these 8500mAh batteries from Wasabi for $25 a peace. I’ve had pretty good luck with Wasabi batteries in the past, using their batteries in both my Hero 3 and EOS-M  cameras so I thought i’d give them a try.

Wasabi c100 battery (1 of 1)

The $150 Canon BP-955 batteries are rated for 5200mAh compared to the 8500mAh batteries from Wasabi and the difference in capacity is noticeable. I get around 5 hours of shooting time out of the Wasabi batteries, 2 more hours of run time than the $150 Canon offering. There’s also no decoding issue, these batteries work just fine in the Canon c100 with full battery indication as well as the Canon charger. I’ve been using these Wasabi batteries with the c100 for the last few months, charge and run time seem pretty stable. If these are anything like the rest of my Wasabi batteries they’ll probably out last the c100’s usefulness.

Watson double charger (6 of 6)

Still enjoying the Watson Duo battery charger and so far, no problems. It seems to charge these large capacity c100 batteries about an hour faster than the Canon charger that came with the camera. As long as you have enough charging capacity, two of these Wasabi batteries and the battery that came with the camera should be enough to get you through a full day of shooting without any trouble.

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