Big balance gopro Stabilizer (1 of 1)

Quick heads, after NAB I went straight to another hotel and I’ll be living out of a hotel room until the end of this week so I apologize for my lack of updates. I’m looking forward to getting home on Sunday and getting back to a normal schedule.

A number of you have sent me questions about low price camera stabilizers. There were a lot of camera stabilizers at NAB this year but the Big Balance Mustang gopro Stabilizer was one of the most interesting systems I found under $300. Instead of trying to use a 3 axis gimbal system, the Mustang uses a simple gyroscope in a small box mounted below the camera plate with a free spinning bearing attached to the handle.

The gyroscope design means that you don’t have to balance or adjust your camera on the Mustang making it much easier to use. It’s a pretty old school concept shrunk down to a very tiny little package. I spoke with the guys from Big Balance and they are expecting a May release date with a price somewhere around $220. I’ll most likely be picking one of these up once they show up on the market.

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