As you can see from the video, the DSLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Mount adapter has a pretty strong grip for a spring loaded clamp. I wouldn’t have any problem trusting this as an attachment point for a smartphone or the TP-Link wireless router on a rig. If you are looking for a car or motorcycle mounting option you might want to check out the RetiCam mount Mathias mentioned in the comment section earlier this week. It’s a little more expensive ($25) and it doesn’t include a cold shoe adapter but it is made out of machined aluminum and uses a threaded thumbscrew clamp for mounting.

ChargerCity SLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Flash Camera Mount (1 of 5)

Overall I’d say the DSLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Mount adapter clamp is pretty decent for the price. The only real complaint (also mentioned in the video) I have is the placement of the adjustment ball. While it does allow you to rotate, it would be nice if it faced up instead of out. That change would give you a few more positioning options for your phone. Of course you could always add a friction arm to the bottom of the unit if you need more flexibility.