Sony Metabones adapter

As the release date of the Sony A7s looms large on the horizon, i’ve started looking at EF to Sony NEX lens adapters. The most obvious choice and the one I’ve had a chance to try out is the Metabones Mark III adapter. However, lately i’ve noticed that there are a few generic electronic adapters on the market.

Generic adapter

These generic electronic adapters look pretty similar to the Metabones adapter at ruffly 1/4 of the price. You can pick up the generic version for around $95, while the Metabones Mark III adapter will set you back almost $400. Both appear to have metal adapter rings as well as a support mount, but i’m curious about the actual electronic control aspect of the unit.

I’m new to this whole Sony adapter business so I thought I’d ask for your input. Have any of you Sony users tried one of these generic adapters? Are these simply clones of the Metabones adapter? If so are they any good? Saving $300 on an adapter like this would be nice, but it really isn’t much of a benefit if the $95 model doesn’t work.

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