Sony a7s

I’ve posted a few things about how Amazing the low light performance is on the new Sony a7s (here and here) but the video below really drives the point home. Sony really made the right choice move to a lower megapixel sensor and focusing in on lowlight and dynamic range performance. I rarely need 22MP, but I often find myself wishing I could crank up the iso just a little higher.

The difference between the Canon 5d mark III and the Sony a7s in this test is really jaw dropping. At 6400 iso the Canon image starts to get a bit mushy, while the a7s holds together very well. By 12800 iso the a7s image quality really starts to pull ahead and the noise pattern starts to get ugly on the 5d mark III. At 51200 iso the Sony a7s still looks good, although it’s slightly over exposed, and even at 102400 iso the image still looks pretty decent.

Low light performance on the a7s is remarkably good, it’s a shame Sony didn’t include 4k internal recording. This camera could have been epic.

UPDATE: Taking a closer look at the video on a proper screen, the 5d seems to be out of focus. Much of the “mushy” I was seeing this morning is likely due to that. I only had a 1280×1024 screen when I posted this, thanks to Dave for point that out.

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