Senal SMH-1000 headphones (1 of 11)

I have a couple of pairs of the SMH-1000 headphones and I think I paid $75 or $80 a piece for them (review here). Looks like B&H has them on sale for the next 7 hours for $49 with free shipping. If you are looking for a decent pair of headphones at a really good price, you might want to pick up a pair before the sales over.

UPDATE: Hopefully if you were in need of a good set of headphones you grabbed some of these. I ended up ordering 2 more pair for my collection. Turns out B&H was also including a nice little protective bag to go along with the SMH-1000’s. Even at the original price I paid for them, they’re great headphones. For those of you really into headphones you’ll probably recognize the design. These are almost identical to the old Sony 7506 headphones I use to buy back in the late 90’s and the Sony V6’s are very similar in design as well if you have $95 to spend.