Matin Lens protector sleeve (2 of 5)

While M4/3 lenses are generally very small, most of them aren’t very tough. With large lenses I tend to use a camera bag with a large storage area and I separate lenses with multiple compartments velcroed together inside the bag. Instead of attempting to use the same method for M4/3 lenses I use these very affordable Neoprene Soft Lens Bags from Matin.

Matin Lens protector sleeve (3 of 5)

The padding on the bag is about a 1/4 inch thick which is more than enough to keep lenses from knocking together inside a camera bag. Each lens bag includes a drawstring and fastener to keep the lens secure.  I generally toss two or three M4/3 lenses, depending on the size, in the same compartment i’d use for a full frame lens.

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I don’t generally use it from anything, but each lens bag comes with a small attachment clip as well as a reinforcement strap that runs along the side of the bag. The bags are around $3 to $7 a piece, depending on the size you need, so the included clip isn’t anything amazing, but it’s good enough to organise your lenses along a threaded loop or something like that in your camera bag.

Matin Lens protector sleeve (5 of 5)

Build quality is pretty decent for the price. This particular lens bag has been rolling around in my camera bag for almost a year and it’s still in good shape. The stitching has held up well and the neoprene padding still does its job. Over all I think these lens bags have been a pretty decent buy for the price.

Matin Lens protector sleeve (2 of 5)

Not sure what others do to keep their M4/3 lenses safe, but the Neoprene Soft Lens Bags from Matin have been a very decent option for the price. It’s the best method I’ve found so far for storing multiple M4/3 lenses in the same space, but i’m always open to new ideas. If any of you have a better way to pack up your M4/3 lenses, let me know.

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