Azden 325 UPR stereo wireless system (1 of 6)

While I’ve been using this set for awhile, I haven’t really published any audio tests so here’s the first. The audio track below was recorded directly into the Panasonic Gh4 as well as the Canon t2i running magic lantern. I’ve noted this in the audio recording and i’ll also say it right here. For whatever reason the Azden 330LT UHF system is a bit sensitive. If you have both receiver channels turned on, but only one transmitter turned on, you’ll get a horrible crackling noise. If you have both transmitters and receiver channels turned on, you wont have an issue. If you have one receiver channel turned on and one transmitter, you’ll also be fine. So make sure you only turn on both receiver channels if you are using both transmitters.

Take a listen to the audio and what i’m saying will make a little more sense. While the Azden 330LT UHF system isn’t quite as clean and clear as the  Sennheiser G series units I normally use, the audio is still what I would consider decent to good depending on your standards. The noise floor is hanging out around -45db or so and with a noise gate or light noise filtering, it’s completely gone.

Other than converting the audio to MP3 format there hasn’t been any changes made to the Azden 330LT’s audio. Also note that this audio was recorded with the included Azden lav mics which aren’t fantastic. When I put together the full review I’ll demonstrate the unit with the nicer lav mics I normally use as well as the included lav mics so you can get an idea of the difference in quality.

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