Saramonic SR-AX107

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a new audio interface on the market so the Saramonic SR-AX107 is a refreshing site. The built in +20dB of gain is a little more than Beachtek’s DXA-SLR and a bit less than the gain provided by the Riggy RM333. It’s interesting that they’ve included an isolation transformer into the design and of course the XLR inputs can supply phantom power.

The Saramonic SR-AX107 design also looks pretty interesting. Large volume knobs on the front, cold shoe mounts on either side, Beachtek style thumb screw, and all of the switches in an easy to get to location.

Saramonic SR-AX107 with camera

At a retail price of $199 the Saramonic SR-AX107 seems to be offering a pretty good bargain. This is the first XLR audio adapter interfaces i’ve actually been excited about since the release of Tascam’s DR-60D. I might have to get one of these in for a review.

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