Saramonic Transmitter (1 of 1)

Remember that Saramonic dual channel receiver lav kit I reviewed a few months back? First of all, Saramonic has fixed the channel mixing issue. You can now isolate the two transmitters by sending the signal to the left and right channel of your camera’s input. Which means for $399 you can buy a very decent dual channel 2 lav kit with a receiver that’s the size of a transmitter pack. Second I wanted to point out that if you’ve already bought the UWMIC10 base kit (1 transmitter and 1 receiver for $269) you can now buy a second transmitter for $129.

Devin and I used this kit throughout NAB this year and it worked great. At $399 for a dual channel wireless kit, Saramonic has one of the best value to price options on the market period and now that they’ve fixed my main gripe about the receiver unit (channel mixing), this kit is now my top pick for budget filmmakers and pretty much any filmmaker really. I’m not getting rid of my Sennheiser g3 sets but with two channels in such a small package the Saramonic dual channel system is now my run and gun favorite. I was really impressed with audio quality of the kit mics and even more impressed with how it held up throughout one of the most saturated UHF locations you could be in (NAB 2016). Great stuff!

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