There are a lot of people out there selling video training on various subjects from lighting and Adobe CC to understanding cameras and building your business. Usually, you’d pay a few hundred dollars for a single course and get a single set of video lessons or training. Now imagine if you could get 19 filmmaker-oriented training courses in a bundle for $97. Sure a few of those might be covering subjects you aren’t interested in, but if you can find even two in this list that interest you, the Video Creators bundle is a really good deal.

Product list 5day deal

Here are just a few of the video training courses included in the Video Creators bundle and their individual prices. Something like Shane Hurlbut’s “Introduction to Cinematography” alone would set you back well over $445, but with this 5 day special you can get the whole set as a bundle for just $97. The whole set includes 347+ video tutorials, 87 hours of training, and 37 Ebooks.

Just remember as the title implies, this is a “5 day deal”. If you want it, you have less than 4 days to go before this deal goes away forever. So check out the Video Creators bundle and see what it has to offer. Looks like a pretty great deal.

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