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15Mar Robocam Review, multi-cam control of Panasonic cameras

Want to control multiple Panasonic GH4 cameras from a laptop via wifi? If the answer is yes, then you might be interested in checking out Robocam. Basically, this $40 program allows you to scan a wifi network for Panasonic cameras, then remote control them the same way you would when using Panasonic’s image app on […]

10Nov Samsung 950 pro 512GB m.2 SSD, fastest SSD yet?

Over the last few years, SSD drives have advanced in leaps and bounds. We’ve gone from $300 for a 120GB glitchy Sandforce based SSD to 1TB SSD’s that saturate SATA bandwidth and now to the Samsung released the M.2 950 pro which is arguably the fastest consumer drive yet to hit the market. At a price […]

18Jun Lightroom 5.5 update now supports GH4 & Sony a7s

The latest version of Adobe Lightroom was released this morning. Looks like we now have full support for the Panasonic GH4 as well as the soon to be released Sony a7s. If you are already a Lightroom user the update is free to download and it’s also available via Adobe cloud. Still no sign of […]

03Jun Panasonic GH4 support in Adobe camera raw 8.5 release candidate for CC

If you’ve been using the Panasonic GH4 for stills as well as video you’ll be happy to know that Adobe’s latest Camera raw 8.5 release candidate now supports the GH4 as well as a number of other cameras. While the release candidate is only prerelease software it will at least provide an alternative to the bundled SILKYPIX software […]

26Apr OpenCL vs Cuda Adobe Premiere CC rendering test

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was pretty impressed with the OpenCL Adobe Premiere CC demonstrations I saw at NAB this year. Thanks to some attractive used prices on ebay, I decided to pulled the trigger on a used Sapphire R9 290x GPU. The R9 290 and 290x GPUs have had a drastic drop in […]

24Apr How much does a GPU really affect your Adobe Premiere workflow?

I’ve been talking about GPU upgrades so I thought I’d post some rendering tests I did awhile back on the GTX 670 and the GTX 285 with CS6. Adobe CS6 is a bit long in the tooth now that CC is out, but I still know a lot of people who use it. The specs on […]

09Mar Samsung 840 EVO RAPID mode problem solved.

I picked up the Samsung 840 EVO a few weeks back and mentioned I was having trouble getting RAPID mode to work correctly on my desktop. After a few emails back and forth with Samsung I was finally able to get the problem sorted out. Turns out the latest version of Samsung Magician 4.3 has […]

07Mar PNY 128GB USB 3.0 thumb drive quick review

I was looking for a fast USB 3.0 thumb drive with a lot of storage space for travel. Having a high capacity thumbdrive can be pretty handy when you are collaborating on projects and you never know when you’re going to need to share or grab media files. After doing some research I settled on […]

20Feb Sony Vegas Pro Premium $149

I’m not a Sony Vegas user, though I do use Sound forge regularly, even so, many people use it and love it as their primary editing program. Normally the Pro version of Sony Vegas will set you back about $300, but right now on Newegg they have Sony Vegas Pro Premium on sale for $149 […]

12Feb Asus ux32vd 840 EVO SSD upgrade video

I have the snappy Samsung 500GB 840 EVO, I have the $8 screwdriver set, and now it’s time to upgrade my Asus Zenbook ux32vd laptop. As you can see from the video the upgrade isn’t too hard, just a lot of tiny screws and shifting the battery around to get the hard drive out. Over […]