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06Mar Noob 5d Mark III yard sale: Tascam DR-05

I’ve been holding on to this one longer then I really needed to but now it’s time to let her go. The Tascam DR-05 sounds just as good as the Zoom h1, has a longer battery life and better build quality, but in the end the Zoom h1’s size is why it will remain in […]

30Sep Field recorders a short round up.

When I pitted the Zoom h1 against the Tascam DR-05, I had planned to sell one of them off, but as of yet I haven’t taken the time to do it.  Four hand held field recorders are probably two too many. I generally need a very small unit for quick and easy audio work, and […]

23Aug Zoom H1 shock mount in the wild on a boom.

Ryan posted this video comparing the Zoom H1 against the Rode VideoMic. It’s always interesting to see how the H1’s built in mics compare to dedicated microphones. But what really puts a smile on my face is that he’s using the NOOB Shock mount throughout the test. It always makes me happy to see my […]

18Jul Great low price Field recorder test.

Scott over at theFrugalFilmaker.com has a great write up on sub $100 hand held field recorders. 6 tests in total, with audio samples to help you decide what low price field recorder is right for you. I personal use the Zoom h1 and Tascam DR-05, but there are a lot of new options showing up […]

14May Zoom h1 and Tascam DR-05 shock mount.

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was working on a design for a Zoom H1 shock mount. Now that I’ve got the 3d printer up and running I can test out my design. I must say it works very well. I added a cold shoe adapter to the bottom of the shock mount, […]

06Apr Tascam DR-05, first impressions.

The Tascam DR-05 showed up on Monday and I was planning to start doing tests earlier this week, but my schedule just didn’t work out. I did get a chance to thumb through the manual and there are a number of features crammed into this unit that aren’t available on it’s competitor (the Zoom H1) including an instrument tuner […]