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14Aug Nexus 7 tablet mount option for your DSLR RIG video overview

Here’s a quick video covering the adapter setup I posted yesterday. The case provides quit a bit of protection with the over sized lip along the front and around the sides, the clamp seems very secure. The Tab-Tite Quick Release Tablet Holder works well but it’s still a pricey option. Yiannis pointed out this tripod TelePrompter mount (above) that might […]

25Jul Nexus 7 with the DSLR controller app

A number of you asked if the Nexus 7 tablet would work with the dslr controller app and the answer is yes. The adapter cable showed up and I had just enough time for a quick test this morning. I can confirm that the image displayed is 30fps, video looks good, and controls work pretty well. The […]

04Jul Google Nexus 7 tablet, your next DSLR monitor?

I’ve been using a Nook Color for the past few years as a useful place to store manuals, books, and other random PDF style information. It’s also been handy as a web browser and simple gaming device, but I’ve been wanting to replace it with something that could handle the DSLR controller app. Sure I […]