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07Feb Freenas PCI-e 4 port SATA upgrade revisited

It’s been awhile since I’ve made any changes to my original Freenas build (you can find that here). At 18TB of storage in raidz I still have 4TB left which seems to give me enough of a buffer when deleting and adding new projects to the Freenas box. The old PCI-e 4 port SATA┬ácard I’ve […]

05Jun Freenas PCI-e 4 port SATA upgrade to my Video storage solution

All of the work I’ve been doing lately has eaten up a lot of storage space. My 4 by 3TB drive freenas storage solution is down to less than 1TB of space and shirking fast. The motherboard I’m using for my Freenas installation only supports 4 SATA ports, so I started researching a PCI-e upgrade […]