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30Mar Watson Duo LCD Charger sale on $39

It might not have the battery plates you want but B&H has the Watson Duo LCD charger on sale for $39 with free shipping. That saves you $30 over the normal price and you can pick up replacement battery plates for just $1.99 a piece here. Even after adding a few battery plates to your […]

25Nov Watson Duo LCD Charger battery plates

Several of you were asking about the charger plates for the Watson Duo LCD charger I wrote about last week. Here we have a few different flavors, they look the same from the front of the box, but each contains a different type of battery plate. On the left we have Canon BP-900 plate, in […]

17Nov Watson Duo LCD Charger – First impressions

I’ve used a few dual charger options in past but the Watson Duo is the first one I’ve picked up with an LCD screen. Supposedly this model has a higher current output (max 2 amps) and better regulation controls than other generic charges on the market. It’s hard to come up with a test method […]