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19Mar Wireless stereo audio with the Tascam DR-60d field recorder

As promised here is a full overview of the Tascam DR-60d wireless setup. All of the audio in this video (minus the intro) was recorded via a Wi audiolink stereo wireless transmitter. I’ve had very good luck with this setup in the field and this method has dramatically reduced the number of times I’ve needed […]

17Mar Quick look at my Tascam DR-60d Wireless solution

I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past, but I haven’t really spent much time covering it. Here’s a quick look at my Tascam DR-60d wireless audio solution. Basically I use the line out of the DR-60d and feed that into the Digital Wi stereo transmitter, then┬árecord the audio at the camera on the […]

14Apr Wi Audiolink wireless Rode Videomic pro test

More Wi Audiolink examples for those of you who wanted some more audio tests. In these case the transmitter was only about 6 feet away from the camera. It seems the best audio path when using the Wi Audiolink is to feed the microphone into the preamp then feed the camera output of the juicedlink […]

14Mar Wireless boom mic transmitter under $200

This is just a quick test of the Wi Audiolink from Jangus digital. I’ve been using this little stereo transmitter for scratch audio and monitoring for quit sometime, but I never took the time to test it out with a the iRig pre or Rode VideoMic Pro. Turns out it could be perfect for a […]