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22Jan Stedman PS101 Metal Pop Filter Review

In the past I’ve used cheap nylon goose neck pop filtersĀ and I really haven’t had anything to complain about. In general I bought these filters, placed them in front of a good microphone and thats pretty much it. I know they prevent breath from hitting a mic’s diaphragm and they’re a good way to keep […]

29Mar Micover Puffin windscreen audio test

I’ve been interested in testing the Micover Puffin windscreen, but I have to wait for strong winds to get a good idea of how well the windscreen preforms. Yet another storm came through and I had just enough time to run outside and get some audio samples before it started raining. Sorry no video this […]

14Mar Micover Puffin Windscreen for shotgun microphones

The Micover Puffin Windscreen showed up. This one is the 12 cm model and it fits my at4073a perfectly. I’ve been looking for a windscreen that’s smaller and easier to use then my very large blimp. Don’t get me wrong the blimp works great, but if you need to mount the mic on a few […]

27Feb Rode Deadcat v.s. Micover windscreen – First impressions

Adding a windscreen to your microphone is a good way to reduce wind noise when you’re filming outdoors. There are many options on the market and some cost more then others. Above is the Micover Slip on windscreen attached to the Rode VideoMic. At a price tag of around $24 it covers the VideoMic with […]