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08Jan Monoprice 2.4Ghz Wireless lav system?

Jordan posted this demonstration of the Monoprice wireless lav system. The $82 price tag is pretty attractive, maybe I should say really attractive. Honestly, that’s extremely well priced. It also supports two way communication over the 2.4Ghz wifi band and sports a pretty decent transmission distance (150 feet). The lav mic didn’t sound that good […]

19Jul Shure FP Wireless UHF system

Shure is a well known name in the music community. Microphones like the Shure sm58 and sm57 can be found on thousands of stages and countless studios, but honestly their wireless microphones have been horrible. Large plastic peaces of hardly working junk is what I would say if you asked me about a sure wireless system a […]

18Feb Jangus Music Wi Stereo wireless system – First impression

The Jangus Music Wi JMWAL35 showed up in the mail yesterday and it looks extremely interesting. Basically this is a stereo wireless transmitter that operates on a 2.4GHz frequency. You might recognize that frequency from your wireless router or cordless phone laying around the house as it belongs to the 802.11 IEEE standard. In fact the Jangus website […]

23Mar More Bluetooth Wireless audio testing.

I’ve spent a few hours off and on over the last few nights running tests on that Bluetooth wireless audio setup and I’ve discovered two problem. Both of which are in the Bluetooth transmitter. The first is that the noise is actually coming from the transmitter. Here are some audio samples. One from my phone’s […]

21Feb Selecting a Wireless setup for your DSLR rig.

Selecting a wireless system is kind of like picking out an apartment, you could live anywhere, but would you want to? After trying 4 or so different wireless setups the one I settled on is the Sennheiser G2 series, because it’s rugged, preforms well, runs on AA batteries, and has a nice little cold shoe […]