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23Feb Movo SMM2 Zoom H1 shock mount

It has been almost a year since I moved to Portland and in that time, I haven’t had the room or the time to make or sell any of the somewhat infamous “NOOB Zoom H1 shock mounts”. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to check out one of the low price […]

16Jul Noob Zoom h1 shock mounts and DS214 adapters back in stock!

I’ve received many many e-mails asking when the Noob store would start selling noob stuff again. After ordering replacement parts, replacing power supplies, and re-calibrating 3d printers, I now have enough of them running to provide a limited release of the basic noob shock mounts and DS214 adapters.  If you want one, order fast because there […]

16Dec Back from Ireland, Noob store back open!

I made it home from Ireland on Monday, the trip was great and I manged to get a lot of stuff done. Now that I’m back, everything in the Noob Store is back in stock and ready for sale. I’ll try to have all orders out as fast as possible in an effort to avoid Christmas […]

22Nov Noob shock mount used for DIY zoom h1 boom pole.

It’s great when someone thinks of a way to use the Noob shock mount for something completely different then I had intended. Yiannis put together this simple but effective boom pole using PVC pipe and the Noob shock mount adapter, then added a 1/8 inch cable extender for headphone monitoring. Yiannis mentioned that a windscreen is a […]

26Sep Makerbot upgrades for the Next Noob shock mount revision.

When I’m not tied up with other projects I’m slowly putting together new ideas for the Noob store. To the left is the upgraded MK7 makerbot extruder, to the right is a ruff mock up of the next generation of Noob shock mount. There are 3 cold shoe mounts along the outside for extra gear. […]

15Sep Shock mounts back in stock again.

I have plastic and hardware back in stock and the makerbot is again running at full steam, shock mounts are now back in the Noob store. DS214 adapters might come back in a few weeks once the second printer is up and running. Also new items in the Noob store coming tomorrow. I’ll keep you […]

16Aug Shock mounts back in stock.

I got back from Chicago yesterday morning, and after a 10 hour nap, I finally had a little bit of time to get the printing press back up and running. Zoom H1 shock mounts are now back in the Noob Store.  Juiced link DS214 adapter should be up shortly. Stills from the film project I […]

22Jun Noob Store is up!

I’ve added a new tab to the top of the site. Here you will be able to buy my shock mount and Juicedlink DS214 adapters, along with anything thing else I dream up. Right now the makerbot is back up and running. Shock mount adapters are back up and for sale, Juicedlink DS214 adapters should show […]

14Jun Where is the next round of shock mounts?

I’ve received quit a number of e-mails asking when the next round of Zoom H1 shock mounts and DS214 adapters will be available. In the picture above I’m holding the reason for my current delays. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an end stop switch. It tells the machine where the platform should start or stop depending on […]