One of the things that makes the Canon 5d Mark III an attractive prospect is the headphone monitoring jack. If you’re willing to install Magic Lantern firmware on your camera you can enjoy the same feature. I’ve posted more elaborate ways to monitor audio while recording audio with your DSLR, but there is a more elegant solution. Meet the Sescom DSLR-550D-HOCF headphone monitoring cable.

This cable is basically just a Canon AVC-DC400ST cable that has been cut down to a smaller size, with a 3.5mm stereo female plug soldered on the other end. This gives you a USB like connector (proprietary Canon changes have been made) on one side of the cable and a place to plug your headphones in on the other.  The price of the cable, as with most Sescom cables, is kind of expensive. With shipping this cable will set you back almost $50. Part of the reason for the price is that Sescom actually has to buy the DC400ST cable which runs around $25 directly from Canon then cut and modify it before send it out.

Even though the cable is very expensive it is one of the cleanest ways to get audio directly from the Canon t2i, or 60d running Magic lantern firmware. Regardless, full video review to follow.

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