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16Mar Sony a7s II on sale $2399

Looking for a Sony a7s II body? If so, they are currently on sale from Ebay seller electronicsvalley for $2399 with free shipping (from the untied states), which is about $600 less then you can find the Sony a7s II in other places.  $2399 is an excellent price and part of the reason I recently sold off my […]

24Apr Canon 5d mark III body on sale for $2,560

As all the new cameras from NAB start to hit the market it affects current camera prices. Right now you can pickup the Canon 5d mark III body with free shipping for just $2560 on ebay. That’s about $500 to $700 less than the normal pricing. I’ve purchased a number of cameras from this particular seller […]

14Mar Canon 6d body on sale for $1499

There’s another Canon 6d body sale on ebay. This time you can pick the Canon 6d up for $1499 with free shipping. The deal ends in 19 hours so if you want one you might want to move fast. As with all of these ebay sales, they are most likely selling a Canon 24-105mm f4/6d […]

14Feb 5d mark III body $2768

Canon 5d mark III bodies are back on sale again. Right now ebay seller t-dimension3 has a batch of Canon 5d mark III bodies from Hong Kong for just $2768 with free shipping. Since these are from Hong Kong I would guess that they are gray market. Still that’s a pretty good price on a new […]

12Feb GoPro Hero 3+ black edition sale $349

If you are in the market, the Hero 3+ black edition is on sale right now on ebay for just $349 with free shipping. It’s a limited time, random ebay sale so if you want one you might want to move fast.

31Jan Canon 5d Mark III Body $2550 with free shipping

Another Ebay camera body sale, this time they’ve got the Canon 5d mark III body on sale for just $2550 with free shipping. That’s a great price for the 5d mark III if you are looking to upgrade. As with most of these ebay sales this is likely a Canon lens/camera combo that’s been separated […]

12Sep Canon 6d body on sale again $1599

The Canon 6d is back on sale yet again. This time the price is $1599 with free shipping. It’s the same seller I ordered my 6d from a few months ago (after I canceled my BMPCC order) and the camera body was delivered quick and packaged well. As usual with these sales the supplies are […]

17Dec Canon 5d mark II price drop $1599 with extras

Even with the release of the 5dMKIII and 6d the Canon 5d mark II is still a very good full frame camera. If you’re on a budget, but still want to move up, B&H is offering the Canon 5d mark II with extra battery, grip, and 16GB card for $1599. Just add it to your […]

22Aug 2 SanDisk 16GB Extreme cards for $62.98

I posted last week about the SanDisk Extreme 32GB cards being on sale over at B&H.  Brandon pointed out that there is also a sale on the 16GB 30MB/s cards.  Two of the Extreme cards for $62.98 means $31.49 a peace. That’s only about $6 more then some of the other brands on the market. It used to […]