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29May In Athens with the Canon 135mm f2

Our flight just landed in Athens this afternoon, and after sleeping off the jet lag, I’ve managed to make my way down to Monastiraki square for some Mythos and food carts. The weather here is great, but internet is sometimes hard to find, so posts might be limited over the next 2 weeks. Just before I […]

26May Finally finished the new set.

I’ve got the neck cords of Randy Savage in this shot, but regardless the set is finally finished. All of my random junk has been added to the walls and I’ve even built a table out of 100 year old wood to class the joint up. The whole set uses around 700 watts equivalent of CFL […]

25May Free Music Friday!

  When I’m not working with camera gear or editing video I sometimes have a chance to record music and make random bits of art. I just finished a new track for the album I’ve been working on part time for that last 8 months. My musical style isn’t for everyone but, hey, it’s free […]

24May Powergen and Anker USB battery packs

I’ve started using the Jangus Wireless wii units on a couple of projects with very positive results, but the last shoot I was on lasted over 9 hours which was more time then the built in battery on the transmitter could handle. I had two of these stereo transmitters with me so it wasn’t a […]

23May SmallHD DP4 hdmi monitor and EVF price drop.

My SmallHD DP4 is a pretty good monitor overall, but when I ordered it the price was $549 for the monitor alone and $745 if you wanted the extra EVF adapter kit. It seems Smallhd has decided to lower their prices a bit, the DP4 price has dropped $100 to $449, and the DP4-EVF kit […]

23May H005 Real Pic 5.6 inch 1280×800 hdmi monitor – first impression/last impressions

The H005 Real Pic monitor showed up yesterday (shipping from china was surprisingly fast). The package was your standard brown paper bag wrapped around the product with some bubble wrap. No cellophane around the box and it looks like it has been opened before. The monitor itself is packaged in a nice foam cut out and comes with […]

22May Flashpoint LCD 8″ Monitor with built in Remote shutter trigger

(Special thanks to Yiannis for pointing this out to me) The Flashpoint LCD 8 inch monitor is an interesting concept. You basically get an 8 inch hdmi monitor that doubles as a remote shutter trigger and wireless standard definition monitor for $499. An 8 inch monitor is right at the limit of what you’d want to […]

22May Leap Motion controller as an editing tool?

Seeing this little $75 motion controller in action makes me want to re-watch Johnny Mnemonic. It also got me thinking about editing, the method and interaction with clips and the use of  timelines hasn’t dramatically changed since editors started using computers. Sure there has been some innovation, Sony Vegas for example has controls that more closely resemble Audio […]

17May ASUS Zenbook 13.3 Inch Ultrabook

I have a very nice editing laptop that I travel with, but sometimes you want something that you have absolutely no real need for and this is one of them.  The Asus Zenbook 13.3 inch ultrabook has a beautiful screen, the keyboard responds smoothly and the track pad is nice and large.  I’m sure the Best Buy […]

17May Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 SP XR Di LD Macro

Time to remove yet another lens from my bag. The Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 lens has a very useful focal range on a full frame camera and gives you a lot of reach on a crop sensor camera. Tamron Claims this is a Macro, but 1:3.9 doesn’t quit make it. However that does mean you can […]