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10Feb Batch processing Gopro Hero 3 protune clips in Gopro Studio

I’ve been shooting allot with the Hero 3 black edition lately and do to a misunderstanding I had about how the Gopro Studio software works, I was unaware that you could batch convert files to .avi or .mov, instead I was exporting each file individually using the export option in step 3 of the program, […]

06Feb SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB micro sdhc speed test

I’ve been using my Gopro hero 3 allot lately and I’ve been getting occasional dropouts when shooting in protune mode. I ended up throwing the hero 3 off that cement structure 3 times in the Cobalt cage review video because of it. Turns out i’m yet another victim of Sandisks buzz word labeling system. I […]

28Nov Gopro hero 3 Black edition $239 on Amazon

For a short time Amazon has the Hero 3 Black edition on sale for just $239, normal price is $329. It’s a lightning deal, so if you want it move like lightning. Great camera, check out my review here.

15Nov Gopro Hero 3 black edition dwindling inventory

It was around this time last year that I picked up a Gopro hero 3 black edition. I don’t do any extreme sports and I don’t often jump out of plains so I wasn’t sure how much I would really use this little guy. Surprisingly it’s been a major benefit as a POV cam during […]

07Aug Gopro Hero 3 firmware update

Gopro just announced a Hero 3 firmware update alongside an update to the Gopro App. The update is supposed to fix a number of issues and bugs that were plaguing the original app and it’s interaction with the Hero 3 black edition. It also adds video playback and sharing for mobile devices. The update is also supposed […]

24Apr Hero 3 Protective slip on lens protector

If you need to use the microphone port or HDMI port on the Gopro hero 3, you’ll have to use the naked case which doesn’t provide any protection for the lens. If you are like me you’ll still be exposing the hero 3 to danger even if you aren’t planning to dunk it under water. While the hero […]

31Mar HERO 3 Black Edition USB audio adapter cable test

Here’s a quick test of the USB to 3.5mm adapter cable for the Gopro Hero 3. The waterproof housing for the Hero 3 doesn’t allow access to the usb port so for this video I simply set it on top of my field monitor. The wireless mic is set to the same output level as I use […]

08Dec GoPro Hero 3 black edition cellphone tethering delayed

The first thing I tried to play around with this morning was controlling the Hero 3 with my cellphone. I installed the app, enabled wifi on the Hero 3 and got no connection. So I fumbled around in the pdf manual for a little while and found a section that says there is supposed to be a […]

07Dec Gopro Hero 3 Black edition

Finally made it home from DC a few hours ago and stopped by the UPS store to pick up the packages that where held for me. It looks like the GoPro Hero 3 black edition showed up this morning. Also included in the shipment was the LCD touch BacPac, I found the controls on the original hero […]