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28Apr Aputure DEC LensRegain, M43 speedbooster and follow focus

Want a focal reducer (a.k.a speed booster) for your Panasonic GH4 as well as a wireless follow focus and camera control system? Meet the Aputure DEC LensRegain which is basically an upgraded version of the original Aputure DEC with a Metabones speed booster style .75x focal reducer built in. Image quality of the a Aputure DEC LensRegain looks top notch […]

21Feb Olympus 8mm f1.8 – First Impressions hands on

If you are transitioning from a full frame system like the Canon 5d Mark III to Micro 4/3, you’ll immediately miss the field of view provided by lenses like the Canon 24mm f1.4 and Canon 16-35mm f2.8.  While a wide-angle perspective isn’t something you’ll use for everything it can be a very enjoyable look. My search for good wide […]

17Nov Z-cam E1 M43 camera firmware .21 working AF lens list

For those of you who own the Z-cam E1 camera or are interested in buying one, Z-cam has just released version .21 of the camera’s firmware. You can download it via the Z-cam app. I had a lot of complaints about the first iteration of the Z-cam E1, but with this update Z-cam is finally starting […]

25Aug DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Episode 46

Episode 46 of DSLR FILM NOOB podcast is up. Devin from  impulsenetworks.tv joins me to discuss DIY ring lights, Blackmagic price drop, and more. You can find the show notes here. You can find the show on itunes here, Soundcloud, or under the podcast tab above. You can also leave questions on reddit at r/dslr.

13Mar Blackmagic Pocket camera $895

If you are looking into a Blackmagic Pocket Camera, they’re normally around $995. However right now Ebay is offering them up on one of their one day sales which means you can pick the Blackmagic Pocket Camera up for $895 with free shipping. The extra $100 savings will give you a little bit of pocket […]

05Mar Aputure VS-3 V-Screen Field monitor review

I’ve been testing and using the Aputure VS-3 Field monitor for a few months now and it’s been a reasonably positive experience. The VS-3 sits in a sweet spot between higher end monitors and the sub $200 offerings. Features are pretty good for the price and it’s one of the few monitors that offers up […]

03Sep Tamrac Rally 6 3446 camera bag Review

I’ve been on the pre-order list for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera since the day I got my hands on it at NAB. But after multiple delays and a sketchy list of features, I canceled my order, got my $1000 refund, and picked up a Canon 6d. I’ve had a love hate relationship with the […]

20Jun Low price DIY Mōvi camera stabilizer alternative

By now most people have seen the Mōvi camera stabilizer. This handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal provides very smooth steady cam style shots in a very compact package. The price of $15,000 might not seem to bad if you’ve had too invest in a high end Steadicam vests and sled, but it’s out of […]

22Apr Nyrius Aries pro wireless HDMI transmitter for the 5d mark III

Last year I put up a post about the Paralinx Arrow hdmi wireless transmitter. While it’s dropped in price to $895, it’s still a very costly purchase for low budget applications. The creator of the Paralinx Arrow used to work for one of the companies that created some of the lower priced HDMI wireless transmitters and I think they’ve […]

18Apr Canon 5d mark III firmware release date announced

  Canon’s posted a little note on the 5d mark III page in the right hand column stating that the 5d mark III clean HDMI firmware update will be released April 30th.   They’re really waiting until the last minute on their “sometime in April” deadline.  I think I’ll be picking up a Atomos Ninja 2 sometime […]