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25Nov Lockport Universal HDMI clamp.

I’ve been eyeballing an HDMI locking device for awhile now, but it’s kind of like buying socks, I know I need them but I get little to no joy out of buying them. Finally Lockport has released their universal HDMI clamp, which doesn’t require a specific kind of rig, instead it works with whatever you […]

24Nov Printrbot 3d printer

The price for 3d printering keeps dropping as people come up with more and more elegant designs. The Printrbot is another entry in the low price 3d printer market, keeping the cost down by using a minimalist design. You aren’t going to be printing as fast as some of the beefier printer designs out there but for […]

22Nov Noob shock mount used for DIY zoom h1 boom pole.

It’s great when someone thinks of a way to use the Noob shock mount for something completely different then I had intended. Yiannis put together this simple but effective boom pole using PVC pipe and the Noob shock mount adapter, then added a 1/8 inch cable extender for headphone monitoring. Yiannis mentioned that a windscreen is a […]

21Nov 35mod Modogrip kickstarter project

Andrew from 35mod.com sent me an e-mail about their new Modogrip project and I must say it looks nice. You might remember 35mod from a review of their wireless camera trigger I did a few months back (check out the video and review here). The basic idea is to add wheels and handles to your […]

20Nov EZ-Steady DSLR Stabilizer Rig on kickstarter.

There are some very interesting ideas on kickstarter and many times you can get a good deal on a product if you’re able to put in money to get the project started. Kyle Hart is looking for pledges to get his EZ-Steady DSLR Stablilizer project off the ground. I haven’t used this rig so I […]

20Nov Return of the NOOB!

You may have noticed my lack of posts over the last month and there are a few reasons for that. The above reason happens to be my master bedroom. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of remodeling, let me fill you in. My house is old, as in 1892, which means there is […]