Andrew from sent me an e-mail about their new Modogrip project and I must say it looks nice. You might remember 35mod from a review of their wireless camera trigger I did a few months back (check out the video and review here). The basic idea is to add wheels and handles to your Monopod. This gives you the option to use your monopod as a camera slider, boom, or anything else you can think of.

I’ve been using my monopod with handles (pictures of that soon) for most of the events I’ve been covering over the last month, so it would be great to have the option to add a set of wheels for quick dolly shots or grips for a over head view in a large crowed. As soon as I finished looking over the design I pledged $399 for the whole kit. I hope Andrew meets his pledge goal because I’d love to get my hands on this thing.

The Modogrip kit comes in 2 flavors, a $250 kit which includes one handle, wheels, and a Targus monopod, and a $399 kit that includes 2 handles, wheels, a few extra clamps, and a beefier Manfrotto 680B Monopod. If your interested in helping the project along check out the 35mod kickstarter page for more details. If the project gets funded I’ll be sure to put together a full review when the Modogrip shows up.

Update: Andrew was kind enough to send me some photos of the 35mod Modogrip before the black anodized finish is added.

Over all it looks like a solid peace of kit. If Modogrip works out I wont need to drag around a skateboard dolly any more. It’s also nice to see the thumbscrew design on the handles. I think It would be nice to leave the clamps attached to the monopod and keep the handles and wheels stored in my camera bag in case the need arises.

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