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31Jan Konova Camera Slider

I was searching ebay a few weeks back for a few lighting supplies when I came across the Konova Slider. After looking over the pictures and reading more about it, I pulled the trigger.  At a price tag of $285 this is one of the best deals I’ve seen on the market. The only thing […]

30Jan Dirt Cheep Monitor project!

Update: Want to see a video of this build with updated parts list and the word cheap spelled correctly? Here it is. I don’t normally put together how to guides, but this one seems very handy and well worth a little bit of work. If you can’t afford to pay $200 for a Lilliput HDMI monitor, […]

29Jan USB Follow Focus Controller Released

The release for this very interesting product was announced yesterday, and me being the sucker that I am ordered one immediately. With the discount code available over at the 5D mark II team’s blog, you can pick this up for a grand total of $350 (plus shipping). That is a little bit more then I was planing to spend, […]

28Jan What class of memory card should i use with my t2i/60d?

I often get questions about memory cards. Well i’ve already covered Compact flash cards for the 7d/5d mark II so lets take a look at SDHC cards. The canon t2i data rate is ruffly 45Mbits per second which is about 5.89Mbytes per second. Since class 4 cards are only designed to handle 4Mbytes a second […]

27Jan Using a super clamp to mount your Zoom H4n on your boom pole

Super Clamps are handy little devices. You don’t have to use them with a manfrotto magic arm for them to come in handy. One Great use for them is mounting your zoom h4n. Using the stud that comes with your super clamp you can mount a threaded cold show adapter: or threading it into the […]

26Jan CPM Film tools DSLR Shoulder shooter kit.

I’ve worked with a number of DSLR rigs, but the one I’ve found that fits me the best is the CPM DSLR Shoulder Shooter Rig. The layout and design are quit a change of pace when compared to many of the other options on the market. The rails and brackets are very light weight with […]

25Jan Camera settings for filming on your Canon DSLR

I often get questions from people asking why their footage looks grainy, or why the motion in their video appears “jumpy” and “jagged.”  Many of these problems can be corrected by using the proper settings on your camera while filming. Grain in your video footage is often caused by the use of high ISO settings […]

24Jan Singular Software DualEyes Mac discount

One of the software programs I use the most in my post workflow when working with the Canon 7d and Zoom h4n is DualEyes by Singular Software. This Great program Allows me to import audio and video clips from my camera and field recorder, sync them, then export them as a single video file. The only […]

23Jan Should you use zoom lenses for DSLR filming?

I don’t recommend using zoom lenses for filming unless the zoom covers a focal length that is hard to find or not available. Two such focal lengths are covered by the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 and the canon 16-35mm f2.8. I’ve already done a review on the tokina 11-16mm, but i thought it might be nice […]

22Jan Better audio recording tips for DSLR filming

Recording audio can be one of the most important things you can do for your work. One of the first things I recommend for new DSLR shooters is an XLR splitter. By splitting the audio output of your microphone, you can record 2 different volume levels at the same time. This is very handy if you […]