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27Feb Samsung 840 500GB SSD $279

I posted about this SSD last month when the price was $319. Now you can find the Samsung 840 500GB SSD on amazon for  $279, that’s a little less the 56 cents a GB. If you want to give your work station or laptop a speed boost at a reasonable price this is well worth […]

26Feb CameraMator, now it’s a paper weight for everyone

If you were a backer of the CameraMator kickstarter project and you didn’t manage to get a copy of the app from the ios app store or lost your original app, you are currently holding a $200 paper weight. CameraMator has taken down the app from the app store due to “legal issues” between the hardware […]

26Feb Pinch in the middle lens caps

A complaint many of us have had about Canon glass is the outside pinch lens cap. If you have the lens hood on and your fingers are even remotely normal size, it can be a very tricky task to remove the lens cap from the lens. In the past if you wanted a pinch in […]

22Feb Used gear watch: Powered 5d mark II Cage

This is actually a very interesting item. Basically it’s a 5d mark II cage with a built in battery grip that’s powered by Anton Bauer battery plate. It looks like it also has a power jack that can be used to feed other items. A single Anton Bauer battery (depending on the size) has enough juice to […]

21Feb DIY Laser build frame and case

I sat down with a carpenter (Chris) and drew up some plans for the laser case. By the time we were done we had sketched out a 6 foot by 7 foot frame that will eventually hold the X-Y stage, electronics, and laser tube, as well as water cooling and air assist. A day later I […]

21Feb TorchLED Bolt power adapter for $7.99

The $7.99 wall wort showed up last night (thanks Amazon prime). The power plug is the correct size for the power tap and it seems to fit the TorchLED bolt very well. Everything powers up and I left the TorchLED on for about an hour to make sure the little power supply could keep up. […]

20Feb Rebuilding an old 1940’s radio with modern parts

I’ve been thinking about getting a classy looking stereo in the studio for awhile now. I put the word out to a few of my friends to keep their eyes open for something that could be retro fit with new speakers. After a few weeks Steve from beerorkid.com came through with this old, slightly abused radio and […]

19Feb External power for the TorchLED bolt

The TorchLED bolt is a great little ultra bright light panel, but it burns through batteries fast. Each battery will give you ruffly 45 min of constant use and the Switronix batteries will set you back around $80 a peace. Battery power is nice but if you have an electrical source, why not save your batteries for the times […]

18Feb Will an ActionPod support a flash?

A question came in last night asking if the ActionPod would properly support a flash. So before I went to bed I mounted the Canon 580ex II  at an angle on the ActionPod using a Frio cold shoe mount. I wanted to see if the ActionPod was ridged enough to hold the flash in place overnight. This morning […]

17Feb ActionPod the Flexible Gopro mount

You might have noticed the lack of posts this week. Things have been a little crazy with the laser testing and Valentines day. I did however manage to get one of these Actionpod’s by Dinkum in.  This version is designed for lightweight items like LED panels or the Gopro hero 3. The attachment clamp on this Actionpod is strong enough to […]