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If you were a backer of the CameraMator kickstarter project and you didn’t manage to get a copy of the app from the ios app store or lost your original app, you are currently holding a $200 paper weight. CameraMator has taken down the app from the app store due to “legal issues” between the hardware manufacture and CameraMator.

So we still have no android app as promised by the kickstarter campaign and now we have no IOS app. It only took a little bit of research to figure out what’s been going on with the CameraMator.  If you check the projects Usman Rashid (CameraMator’s “creator”) has backed, you’ll see something called cloudFTP. This is basically a usb to wifi adapter in a tiny little package. If you think that sounds a lot like the CameraMator you are correct.

The hardware partner and manufacture CameraMator is having “legal issues” with happens to be Sanho the creator of cloudFTP. It looks like the CameraMator simply used Sanho’s SDK and API as well as hardware to get things working. So why has the app been pulled down?

If you feel like it, you can read through the court documents to sort things out. Basically CameraMator wanted to make changes to the original agreement that would change it’s portion of the proceeds for the sale of each unit. When Sanho refused to accept these changes CameraMator pulled the app from the IOS app store in alleged retaliation. Basically a money fight between the hardware manufacture and the software developer.

This is the first bad experience I’ve had with kickstarter, but i’m sure there are many other examples. Just remember that when you back a kickstarter campaign you are at the mercy of people like Usman Rashid. They might do a great job and get you what they promised, or they might leave you with a useless peace of kit.