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22May Fotodiox PRO 7″ flapjack C-200RS – First impressions

After years of seeing others move towards LED lighting, I’m finally starting to catch up. When large LED panels first hit the market, I wasn’t really a fan of the light quality, but these days even very affordable LED lights provide very decent light. I just finished reviewing those extremally affordable $40 edge lit V-Pad 150 […]

30Apr Vpad-150 Edgelit LED panel review

It isn’t often that a low price LED panel ends up being very impressive, but the Vpad-150 Edgelit LED panel actually is. At a price just under $40, you get a bi-color edgelit soft LED panel that puts out a supprising amount of light for the price. However, while the price is low, the Vpad-150 […]

26Apr Lume Cube tiny 6000k LED video light

The Lume Cube is an interesting concept. It provides a self-powered ultra compact high-intensity 6000k light source that fits in the palm of your hand. On top of that, the Lume Cube is waterproof, rechargeable and has the ability to be controlled by your cell phone via Bluetooth. Sounds like a Ginsu knife advertizement. The […]

17Feb Vpad-150 144 LED Ultra Thin light panel – First Impressions

Before I even begin to talk about this LED panel, I’d like to point out that the Vpad-150 light panel packaging could use an update. If you are ever put in charge of graphic design for any kind of product, please use this as an example of what not to do. To quote T.J. Roe, […]

28Feb More on those cheap $6 LED christmas lights

A number of you were asking about filming those cheap LED christmas lights I posted yesterday. I haven’t seen any problems with them on video but I thought I’d shoot this quick demo at 24p and 30p so you can get an idea of what they look like on film. As you can see from […]

27Feb Nice Bokeh with Cheap LED lights

Cheap Christmas lights are an easy way to add bokeh to pretty much any shot. Place your Christmas lights 5 or 6 feet behind your subject, open your aperture up to f1.4, and you’ll be getting beautiful little sections of bokeh in no time. These lights aren’t anything amazing, but you can get them in […]

20Jan Canon c100 vs 6d and some c100 noise reduction

I’m stuck without a vehicle today (my trucks getting new tires) and the weathers been pretty rotten with 60 mile an hour gusts, so i’ve spent the morning playing around with the Canon c100 inside. A number of you have offered up suggestions to make my c100 shooting experience more enjoyable. So this morning, I went […]

20Nov Switronix TorchLED Bolt sale

The TorchLED bolt by Switronix is one of the few LED camera mounted lights I’ve used that actually puts out enough good light to be useful. It’s bright, it’s battery powered, and it’s portable (check out my review here). Right now through December 31st B&H has the TorchLED bolt with battery kit on sale for […]

16Sep Stacking Grid Light modifier

There are a number of DIY projects that show you how to build one of these grid light modifiers out of straws, foam core, and electrical tape. Most of the methods I’ve seen use around $10 to $15 in parts and supplies. This is pretty reasonable when compared to the $50 grid from Rogue, but if […]

13Sep Light Blaster Strobe looks pretty interesting

You don’t often see something new or innovative in the world of flash photography. Sure there are advances in wireless controls, and lower price flash units are coming with more and more features, but overall it’s just been improvements on the same thing. The Light Blaster Strobe is actually the first light modifier style flash device that’s […]