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31Mar HERO 3 Black Edition USB audio adapter cable test

Here’s a quick test of the USB to 3.5mm adapter cable for the Gopro Hero 3. The waterproof housing for the Hero 3 doesn’t allow access to the usb port so for this video I simply set it on top of my field monitor. The wireless mic is set to the same output level as I use […]

30Mar Tascam DR-60D Field recorder and audio pre-amp

I was just complaining about innovation in the XLR camera adapter market and this is exactly what I was looking for. The Tascam DR-60D, is a rig mount 4 channel field recorder that’s designed to record audio as well as feed it directly to your DSLR. The unit comes with full sized volume knobs, switches, and […]

30Mar Cameramator iUSBportCamera update from Hyper + drive

I finally had a chance to test out the Sanho firmware upgrade for the Cameramator. This effectively loads the unit with the same configuration as their re-branded iUSBportCamera device. The update allows you to use any device with a web browser to access live view as well as camera controls. In this case I’m using the Nexus […]

28Mar Juicedlink Riggy RM333 – First Impressions

I’ve used all kinds of XLR adapter boxes over the years both on video cameras like the now antique Canon GL1 to modern day DSLR like the 5d mark III. There hasn’t been much innovation with these devices and companies like Beachtek, Studio 1 productions, and Juicedlink still make audio devices almost identical to devices […]

27Mar Curly 3.5mm right angle stereo cable

I first started using these Curly right angle cables after I picked up a used Beachtek DXA-SLR. Since then I’ve slowly been transitioning the 3.5mm stereo cables I use with camera mounted audio adapters to these Curly right angle cables. At $3.57 a piece (with shipping) their about half the price of the regular cables sold […]

26Mar NastyClamp vs Actionpod which one is right for your kit?

I’ve been playing around with the NastyClamp as well as the Actionpod for a few weeks now trying to decide which one is a better fit. Both use the same 3/4 inch Loc-line tube so they both have pretty much the same load capacity. The major difference is in the squeeze clamp and mounting stud. […]

25Mar Aluminum Combat housing for the Gopro Hero 3 Kickstarter

This isn’t a life changing kickstarter campaign, but I can see it being useful for those of you who really put your Hero 3 through heavy use. It’s basically just a big chunk of machined aluminum that gives you a lot of 1/4 20 and 3/8 mounting points and has the added bonus of protecting […]

25Mar Cameramator turns into iUSBportCamera with Sanho update

Good news for CameraMator owners (like myself), Sanho has released an update for the CameraMator that allows the unit to work with Android, IOS, and PC’s. I haven’t had a chance to try the update out yet, but it looks like it’s using a webpage interface for both LiveView and camera controls. Not sure how good the […]

24Mar Viltrox DC-50 5 inch HDMI monitor on Amazon

I was doing a little more research on the Viltrox DC-50 monitor and noticed that it’s recently popped up on Amazon for a slightly lower price of $184.36 ($178.88 + $5.48 shipping). That’s $10 less than the ebay price although it looks like the estimated shipping times are still 17 to 28 days so it’s […]

23Mar Sony 5 inch HDMI monitor clone $195 Viltrox DC-50

I’ve owned a Sony CLM V55 5 inch HDMI monitor for almost 3 years and it’s my go to monitor for most things. Sure I own a SmallHD DP4, but it over heats in hot weather and doesn’t last nearly as long on a single battery or two batteries for that matter. Plus I’ve always […]