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23Feb Movo SMM2 Zoom H1 shock mount

It has been almost a year since I moved to Portland and in that time, I haven’t had the room or the time to make or sell any of the somewhat infamous “NOOB Zoom H1 shock mounts”. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to check out one of the low price […]

07Mar Lower price alternative to the Sescom Microphone Attenuation Cable

The Sescom Microphone Attenuation Cable does what it’s supposed to do. It reduces the headphone output of the Zoom h1 to a level that the Camera’s microphone input can handle, but the price has always seemed somewhat unreasonable at $27.  That’s a quarter of the price of a new Zoom h1 itself. Many of you have asked […]

30Sep Field recorders a short round up.

When I pitted the Zoom h1 against the Tascam DR-05, I had planned to sell one of them off, but as of yet I haven’t taken the time to do it.  Four hand held field recorders are probably two too many. I generally need a very small unit for quick and easy audio work, and […]

23Aug Zoom H1 shock mount in the wild on a boom.

Ryan posted this video comparing the Zoom H1 against the Rode VideoMic. It’s always interesting to see how the H1’s built in mics compare to dedicated microphones. But what really puts a smile on my face is that he’s using the NOOB Shock mount throughout the test. It always makes me happy to see my […]

18Jul Great low price Field recorder test.

Scott over at theFrugalFilmaker.com has a great write up on sub $100 hand held field recorders. 6 tests in total, with audio samples to help you decide what low price field recorder is right for you. I personal use the Zoom h1 and Tascam DR-05, but there are a lot of new options showing up […]

30May Zoom H1 Shock mount in the wild.

I just received the first pictures of the Zoom H1 Shock mount in the wild from Paula.  She wanted me to note that the shock mount is turned around in the photo. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t pointed it out. The unit looks nice on her canon 60D, I kind of feel like a […]

24May Zoom H1 shock mount adapter, Second Run.

Parts are in! More of the Zoom H1 shock mounts are now available. First come first serve guys. If you need shipping outside of the United States select “other countries”. This adds $2 to the cost in order to cover overseas shipping. SOLD OUT Juiced link DS214 mounts coming soon.

22May More Zoom H1 shock mount spam.

Most of my week has been taken up with the Zoom H1 shock mount adapter I’ve been working on. A few people wanted me to step on it and pitch it off a roof to make sure they would stand up to normal use. Turns out they do. I was also trying to work out […]

18May Zoom H1 shock mount adapter, first run.

I received a few more of the parts I need to build those Zoom H1 shock mount adapters I’ve been working on. I’m not really sure how popular these will be, so for now, there are 6 made up and ready to ship out. The price is $10 plus $2 shipping and includes the shock mount and […]

15May Juicedlink DS214 adapter and Zoom h1 shock mount.

Finished up the Black versions of both the Juicedlink DS214 adapter and the Zoom H1 shock mount adapter, both of which turned out great. I added a cold shoe mount on both the top and bottom of the Juicedlink adapter, and cleaned up the design on the shock mount to include tie wrap holes across […]